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Through Out the Years, I have been involved and advocating for causes that are so close to my heart. The health and well being of my Children, speaking and sharing my research and knowledge on Vaccines, healing with food, supplementation. There is decimation of information concerning the Measles Vaccine.

Vaccine Warriors and Advocates, who used their Constitutional Rights of Consent to Opt-out of the Vaccine Program due to their own belief that the Measles Vaccine medicially Caused their child’s Autism Has every right to exercise their Consent to Choose. The suppression of the truth is now lifting from The Darkness to Light.

It Wasn’t just the vaccines that we had to worry about. With the persistence of RFKJR, and Del BigTree, Moms Across America, Dr. Tony Bark MD. We Now have Monsanto the glyphosate Truth out in public awareness it is, in fact, carcinogenic which is a known Environmental Toxin that we use daily as pesticides On our Food Supply and a vaccine ingredient. FOIA requests have been shedding the light on a lot of things including the Measles Vaccine Trials that the FDA conducted for the MMR Vaccine admitted out of embarrassment for liability way back in 1979. They withheld results of 8 Trials that lasted 42 days from the Vaccine inserts. I learned a few other things that are not related to vaccines that can cause Autism.

If your Pregnancy was induced and several other drugs at the time of birth, 200 or more other environmental toxins could end up in the cord blood has a role in our Children’s health. Both my sons were induced early. The Epstein-Barr Virus is also known to be a cause for concern Most people don’t know they have it unless they were treated for Mononucleosis as a teenager. It can trigger this side effect of the Guillain Barr Syndrome after you have received a vaccine.

Be Respectful when you talk with your physicians on your concerns especially with Pediatricians. Just know that if your doctor wants to prescribe any medication for ADHD medication please ask for a referral to a Pediatric Neurologist who specializes in psychiatry to rule out any seizures. simple symptoms for ADHD mimic symptoms of petite Mal Seizures. The earlier you get your son or daughter treated for this they can heal from it once they have been seizure free for 1 year. Children who reach puberty are at higher risk of having a seizure disorder permanently if it is not caught in time.

The NIH writes there may be a small number of MMR linked cases to Autism in their Summary research listed below. But They did choose to say they rejected that MMR was not related to Autism.The NIH, NIAID, CDC, VAERS, NAS, IOM, FDA, HHS are all different governmental agencies independent from each other that We Look too for Oversight of our HealthCare Infrastructure.

The government infrastructure and, HealthCare System is very complex and complicated for me to comprehend on why these agencies are not accountable for the conflictions in numerous research into the Vaccines programs Nationally and from other countries who have publicly spoken out to the media and have lawsuits filed against our government for vaccine damage. Why isn’t our government Agencies publishing the Truth of the Vaccine Damage abroad when Our own Country suffers from the Highest Infant Mortality Death Rates in the World. Almost 2000 kids in 2017 alone here in California check out each state the rates are higher than the Measles outbreak alone. Why are infant deaths so much Higher in specific states?

Our Physicians, Surgeons who are practicing Medicine have their specialty associations which support them much like Unions do for us. Some support Vaccination Programs and Lobby for the physicians to protect their interests on behalf of their industry. There a few that don’t. Chiropractors are completely Natural a lot of these physicians are Medical Doctors as well, most of them are in Private Practice a lot like Dr. Mercola, down in Los Angeles, or Dr. Jon Bergman in Huntington Beach. Dr. Bergman is really nice and an honorable physician who truly cares for his patients and reaches out to his social Media platform to educate whoever will listen. He treats children with brain injuries as well from vaccine damage. His last video on Vaccinations was very informed and actually

AMA- American Medical Association All Physicians links on Informed Consent the AMA Stance on Vaccines

AAP-American Pediatric Association pediatricians

ICA-International Chiropractors Association

Most of us regardless of our own individual beliefs and medical History, We are Vaccinated like most of the population, We do not consider ourselves labeled as Anti-Vaccine/Vaxxers. For those that still have complete faith in our vaccine program, It is the UnVaccinated population causing the Measles Outbreaks. Thus bringing back the true Wild Herd Immunity. Without realizing that what our peers of opposition were actually telling us is the truth about Unvaccinated they just didn’t articulate that Unvaccinated Americans and Immigrants who travel abroad to and from specific Countries are reinfecting our population.

I don’t think any of us even were aware of the severity of the immigrants at the border were bringing in Measles and other diseases that went unchecked for far too Long from previous administrations. With all the immigrants arriving at our borders daily, you need to be aware that travel abroad opens up more risks and exposure to Diseases that are not endemic to the US. So if you are traveling to Israel, or other Countries on the measles OutBreak list please be advised that I learned from Dr. Bergman over the weekend you can avoid 80 percent of the Measles symptoms if you take a daily supplement of Vitamin A. I posted his measles Q and A below with a lot more information about the nutritional aspect of overall health. I just needed to Blog again since it had been 8 years since my last blog on Vaccines. This information is for your FYI, I Thank all of the Vaccine Warriors for Truth and Freedom the battle has always been over our right of Consent. Physicians, Researchers who I have talked with and learned from in the NIH, NIAID, Who has educated me in so many ways that I could never have learned so much without all of your wisdom in all that you do for saving the lives of so many children and adults through your social media presence and work daily is so valuable. Thank You.

references: Use of Drugs during delivery risks of Autism photo of active measles in A African Mother and Child from the 1960s. information from all the outbreaks for the last decade or more. scroll down to the years and you see that some of them are very similar to other years. click on the different years to see what the difference is year to year. they do have a media link for interviews at the bottom. Autism and Measles MMR Vaccine under Review. Herd Immunity 215 pages.

Click to access VAERS_WONDER_Text_Tutorial_2015-H.pdf

Vaccine causing polio in Africa? Context from an expert adverse MMR Vaccine reporting in Japan

Dr. Sabrina U. Carter M.D. Santa Barbara, Ca. the boys pediatric Neurologist.

# 2 sons Born 7 years 9 months apart Zachary my oldest son born a healthy happy Boy with alot of intestinal gas as a infant, wether this was from the any vaccines I have no idea, as a parent I treated him with the mylecon drops, it corrected it, his peditrician visits were kept up to date with vaccines, noticed his inability to focus very early, my pregnancy developed in PreEclampsia, I had been working 12 hour days at the hospital, stopped working 2 weeks before my due date to rest up, until my weekly visit on the 20th March, 1996, had way too much protein in my urine dr ordered me to the hospital to induce me for deliverly 10 days early.

Zachary was born the next morning, an vaginal birth, 8 hr labor the physicians had me hooked up to a sodium drip IV to prevent me from having seizures, I felt very larthagic, didnt like that feeling, just felt my body was not being able to flush out toxins! They kept me on that IV till I went home 2 days later. Zachary’s was very hyper active fm infant up into toddler we had numerous trips to the ER, this boy was a train With no breaks, he loved and was fascinated with trains growing up. Train videos all the time he could tell parents at a very early age about the different train engines, his developement was delayed, it was very clear to see! He passed all of his speech therapy

Once he started in school, assessments IEP’s only thing he qualified for was speech therapy, his success in the classroom was very difficult we had just moved to Lompoc in the fall of 2001, to be closer to my parents for support, my step Mother was a retired clincal physcologist fm Nevada.

In 2008 both my sons had been accessed by:Thomas Wylie PHD, Zach has been diagnosed with a processing disorder/severe adhd yet because of the beauracy within the medical industry, Zach’s pediatrician prescribed ritilan/later switched to Concerta, it calmed him down but then it kept him awake till 3 am, medical side effects were being published online, zach used to stare off/daydream, not focus in the classroom, repeated the 3rd grade, each grade he was moved up too he continued to have failed grades up until after 5th grade I pulled him out of the school and enrolled both of the boys into Manzanita Charter school had a way more intergrative school teaching with a way better 20 to 1 ratio per teacher.

This is when Loren’s Medical history begins, I carried him to term at age 43, I changed my diet, exercised more, hiked alot of beaches in 2002. My labor and delivery was induced, had a healthy deliverly 3 hrs fm start to finish. He spent alot of time with eye contact with me, I just knew there was something off with his ability to communicate, his milestones as a infant were delayed but I did the best I could to teach/show him he was a very visual learner like me.

When I went back to college that year, I placed him in well structured daycare that taught infants sign language, they had a very well structured daily schedule which I loved. Loren’s delayed developement started to show more as he grew. He had all of his vaccines up to date, enrolled him into the head-start program at age 3.5 because of his delays he was assessed for speech and started therapy, the only other service he qualified for was for his sensory processing, which for the most part was corrected. He graduated preschool in the summer of 2oo8.

So after both boys were enrolled into the charter school I started the process of getting both of them assessed again, the school district refused to assess loren before he started kindergarten. Dr Wylie was suppose to give me copies of the boys assessments earlier that year and l didnt obtain them until jan/feb 2009 Loren’s assessment came with a diagnosis of Autism, 2 months later Zach’s assessment was jaw dropping, overwhelming, infuriating (mentally retarded, processing disorder) for what the district denied him in all those years in elementary school! His resillence that year was so asstounding, he became a speed reader, C average in all if his courses the 2nd time ever he had confidence at school.

The 1st time was in 4th grade when he decided to participate in the classroom turned 2 F’s into A’s in one reporting period 6 months after losing his grandfather in plane crash in 2006. My Dad was the only father figure they could depend on in those years.

So this is when I take both my son’s to Dr. Sabrina U. Carter I learned so much fm her she was so instramental in helping me manage their IEPS, she did eegs on both boys to discover that they both had petite mal seisures aka absent epilepsy, they were both placed on depakote for treatment I researched and read that they can recover and heal from this they have to be seizure free for 1 year before they can be weaned off the medication. If the seizure disorder is caught past puberty age 13 the disorder can be permanent.

When I told her that Zach had been on ritilan and concerta for his adhd in 2003 to 2006, and his inabililty to sleep at night, she told me that those medications intensify seisures. Loren started progessing in school and loved his classroom he remained there until the 3rd grade. They wanted him enrolled in summer school so we tried it to have him running out of the classroom crying he has a hard time adjusting to changes with teachers, he couldnt cope.

Zach at age 17, in his dr apt, an rn hands me this vsi on the meningitis vaccine and hpv i tell her that I saw the package inserts he doesnt need this vaccine, zach came home from outdoor school at age 12 and was admitted to the hospital 3 days later for viral Meningitis he had never ever been hospitalized before for anything there was another case of the viral meningitis that the patient died after Zach. We prayed for that family for we were blessed to catch Zach’s in time. She turns to Zach and asks him if he would like the Meningitis vaccine? This RN did it to defy my rights to consent which is unconstitutional for what was right for him. He took the vaccine against my advice. I showed him the insert last year he regrets making that decision now, for we sure did Not know that there is several different strains to diseases and the drug insert stated those those Who were vaccinated who came down with Meningitis, there were deaths associated with the vaccine. As with any or All vaccine they annotate the worse case scenarios.

Loren has had all his vaccinations except the 7th grade tdap, and we opted out of the meningitis/hpv vaccines for high school. He is done Im very fortunate that his pediatrician Dr. Debiniski at that time told me the truth about the efficacy of the vaccines for tdap and hpv they did not work, and agreed why vaccinate. For my thinking Loren has a brain disorder.

What is sad is that she left the practice because of the pressure a lot of the functional health physicians are gone. for you see my healthcare plan has a state certificate to practice alternative health, and standard of Care.

TO THIS DAY OUR PHYSICIANS are still asking us about vaccines for every dr apt, I tell them no Thank You I have encephalmalacia which was diagnosed in 2008, and wild immunity fm the measles as a child and chicken pox when you quote the science and they know its true they are very quite. Im going to tell them next time to make notes of my wild immunity not simply state that I have refused vaccinations. List the reason in there.

Loretta Ollie Thomson Born 9/10/1932 death 5/3/2014

Loretta Ollie Thomson Born 9/10/1932
death 5/3/2014

It is hard to imagine where I was this time last year, Mom was halfway through her chemo treatments, She had a fire in her home in december 2013,  and had been staying at the Raddison Hotel at Santa Maria Airport with my sister and my nephew who mainly looked after her when I wasnt working or looking after my own family. It was my role to escort her to the numerous doctor apts, and retrieve her medications from the pharmacy if she needed something. She was so full of enthusiasm, and optimistic about finishing these 6 treatments that her Oncologist insisted she take all of them. I got really concerned about her body not being able to withstand all the treatments and I had asked him, at her 3rd visit what if her body cant withstand all the treatments, he just said that all the treatments had to be given.  I just thought that the Standard of Care he was practicing was just doing what he was taught to do follow the protocol that he had been practicing or decades.

I didn’t learn till like a month later that Sansum Clinic is not practicing Functional Health Care, but the old standard of care and it was very apparent when I had gone with Mom to see her endocrinologist, the last time I had taken my book Hypothyroidism II, Dr. Mark Starr. I had been in contact with a friend who is biochemist in Hawaii, he told me to research decciated Thyroid, he said it has been approved by the FDA for over 50 years and it is way more effective for Treating the whole thyroid condition, over levothroxin, or syntheroid. So i did google it and came up with recent military research at Walter Reed Medical Center that basically stated, that in their research findings that many people did feel a difference on the desiccated Thyroid, that the T3 conversion over to T4 seemed to be more effective and it was ok to treat patients who requested they try it, age was not a factor or heart condition, My physician had placed her 80s mother on the desiccated thyroid and it made a huge difference in lifting her depression, like it did for me. I wanted the same for my mother. It totally worked for me. I had never felt the same after i came down with Hashimotos Disease in 1996, When i mentioned this to moms Dr, Wilson,  he basically told me that the whole book was garbage and i just closed it and left it at that, his mind was not receptive, and I already knew he couldnt debunk the research, it was out there and he already knew it. No one can debunk a physician who learned from JFK’s own endocrinologist Dr. Eugene Cohen.

Dr. Mark Star referenced his research on numerous occassions.  During all this time I had been taking mom to the vitamin and herb store to get her on the right immune boosters to keep her good cells and help her remain functional healthy. It bascially took a team of caregivers to give her round the clock care and we certainly didnt have that. I Loved my mother enough to know that some families dont handle it well when it comes to family and terminal illnesses. They dont understand that is all people want when they reach their senior years, is to have family arround. they want to die with dignity and family love intact. It is the ultimate unconditional gift to give them. Dr Dale Archer had posted a article on dignity and dying, I posted it on my wall and hoped that my family and friends read it, it is important. I have alot of compassion for people and animals. In my later years i have leaned more toward the wild animals and protecting their rights, Even our domestic pets, dogs and cats, have become so accustommed to being a family member their intelligence is evolving to coexist with us on a way higher level for healing and stress reduction.

My dog Hoshi taught me that, I never had a dog so attached to me and my kids,  before her, and I miss her. I wont get another dog, unless I have time and money to support one. They take alot more of your time than a cat who are basically independent and outdoors and  happy hunting mice and gophers. Animals deserve the freedom of their choosing on their life and how it is being lived. If a cat is happy being a indoor cat then keep them as a indoor cat, Toni the cat next door who adopted us, is in our home all the time. She is perfectly happy as a indoor cat. She does go outside too sometimes but she prefers the comfort of inside a home.  Jasper on the other hand, He is all faral in spirit, he prefers to be outdoors, climbing trees, walking the cinderblock cat freeway. We all deserve to die with the life we choose to live and that includes the animals we have domesticated too.

My mom passed away on a saturday evening, the dr at MICU at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, Ca callled me at like 6 in the evening, I didnt get there till it was dark, I had a friend drive me. Her organs were shutting down, so i made phone calls to family, and got down there with my kids as soon as I could. My oldest son Zach, really had a tough time seeing his grandmother sick, he didnt want to see her like that and mom understood, it hurt him to see her like that. My sister and her husband got there just before me and when we prayed and had the dr call the priest to give her last blessings to pass on to be with God and family. It was not easy to see her trying to talk to me with a tube down her throat to help her breath, the infection in her lungs was not responding to the medication. She had just been cleared of Cancer a few days before she went into the ICU, and she was dying from complications from side effects of the Chemo Therapy. I saw it, I watched it happen, What I didnt approve of them giving my mom medication to paralyze her, the side effects shuts down the organs, and they knew that in the MICU. She was laying there so peacefully, her body was bloated from being septic. Once the priest came and blessed and prayed over her. we all gathered arround and prayed for her, played jazz music for her, What happened next I was in disbelief, on the protocol for removing the tube. to let her pass on, my mother had talked with pallative care and they had told her the truth that she may not survive this infection.

She left me in Charge of her decisions. I knew exactly what she wanted. I let the dr and nurses know that its time to remove the tube to let her go.  It is what happened next is What floored me evidently a physician who isnt even in the hospital is on call to authorize the removal of life support from individuals over the phone. He had basically told me that they usually do it in the morning hours that is more convenient for the hospital, I basically told him that is not what my mother wants, she needs the tube removed now, and let her pass on, They were just trying to milk medicare for additional day costs. Typical big pharma protocol. He didnt want to do it but i insisted they do it, I told him why would let a person suffer longer when they are septic for the body accummulate even more infectious waste within it? that is not humane treatment. Once they removed tube we prayed and sang, I noticed mom was looking straight at me with one eye open and tears were building up in it, I knew she was watching me as she left us. Her heart beat for 15 minutes and then it peacefully stopped and she was surrounded by family and loving friends.

It has been almost 9 months since she has passed on, I taking my time for mourning, I maintained her home for 6 months before I had packed up the inside and moved it all into the garage to be donated to a local charity. only thing left inside was her furniture, which wasnt much. I took my time going through alot of the things i had never seen before like birth certificates of my grandparents, and their parents, mom was into keeping up with our family heritage. What a important task that she came up with in her later years. I feel her with me everyday, just like my dad, I know that she is happy up in heaven with her family and the lord. On Easter Sunday last year,  she dreamed of Helen Dana visiting her and saying hello, Haike had told me at the vitamin and herb store that when people are near their date of death they do dream of family members who are waiting for them to cross over. It becomes a very spiritual experience. My mourning is subsiding, the only thing that remains is tears when i think of her, but I have come to understand that they are tears of happiness for her, that she isnt suffering any more. She was happy with her life and she was ready whenever the Lord called for her. I love you Mom. Thank you for everything that you have done for me down hereon earth as my Mother You were the best you could be.

Oldest Son Zach

Oldest Son Zach

After learning of the tragedy that unfolded over my PC yesterday afternoon The Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy left me in a

state of tears as I sat quietly reading about what had transpired there. I immediately started praying for the families and Children. I couldn’t help but wonder if this is really the wake up call to enlist the action of our elected officials to really put their differences and politics aside to just do what is right for everyone. President Obama was clearly shaken up.

Piers Morgan was busy pointing fingers at the Autism Community with his speculations from a psychiatrist he had on a live show.  Adam Lanza did have mental illness, He did use his mother’s weapons to kill her and the others.  He also attempted to purchase a weapon just a few days before his rampage and had a altercation at the school around the same time.  Adam Lanza had no previous criminal record. His parents divorced in 2008, He last saw his dad this past June 2012 as reported. President Obama named all the Tragic Killings in the past year. What do they all have in Common? They were all very young men who were deeply troubled. Why?

I won’t be pointing fingers, as we all know blame gets you nowhere, but I can certainly point out obvious emotional triggers that effects boys since I’am raising my two sons on my own and provide awareness of what I have learned throughout my life raising them. Are we really ready to deal with the reality of what needs to be done to preserve our own family dynamics when it comes to our children? I’m sure I’am not the only parent who has been very aware and proactive in what my kids do on a daily basis. Whether they be on or off the school campus, their friends, their sports involvements and social life which has transgressed into a social media lifestyle.

I really don’t feel comfortable with social media lifestyles for school age kids, especially kids with internet service on their cell phones and logged into Facebook and other mobile apps. I firmly believe that these forms of social engagement  enhance the  peer pressure, bullying, emotional health in what is just one of the many things wrong with the social lifestyles and upbringing of children. With Divorce rates over 50 percent, Some Parents who were once closely bonded with their children especially for boys what I have always noticed about  my oldest when he was two his dad moved out of the home. As heart breaking as it was his dad remained involved from a distance but never fully recovered and rebuilt his life.

Our family who was self-employed homeowners with two young children ages seven and two. Six months later he moved to Orange County.  The children barely saw him and the emotional toll started setting in with my daughter, who became so depressed she couldn’t focus at home to do her homework that usually never took longer than 45 minutes. If I had known the symptoms were different for men than women when it came to depression, I was shocked last week when I posted this article on twitter over to Dr. Dale Archer. Almost every symptom they described was my children’s father over 14 years ago. It was like looking at his picture in a framed piece of Art hanging on our wall that is how surreal it had become for me.

I had always thought that boys need that male bonding with their fathers.  It becomes a very emotional time for them when they are going through puberty to becoming the Man in the family if they are the oldest male living in your divorced household. I warmly embraced my son who has really come so far from where he was. He deserves everything he wants in his life. I watched this super hyperactive child develop that never gave me a break through toddler-hood and spent so many hours in the ER at the hospital. I could never take my eyes off him for very long he would be going 10 different directions. We not only survived, we became stronger as a family unit could possibly be with numerous hours of intervention and therapy for both my sons.

It wasn’t until later when I was watching a news clip about boys who are loners, suffer from social anxiety, react to the peer pressure and unable to figure out how to adapt and change themselves for the better. What happened in Sand Hook Elementary was clearly a reminder of what was wrong in our children’s social upbringing. I knew from the time that my oldest son turned 4 that he was influenced by violence over the television. He disappeared on me on his bike of all things, he was wanting to go to the park and left on his own and turned the wrong way and ended up over 4 miles from home hitting the crosswalks all that distance.

He even attempted to out-run two Cop Cars just as he had seen over the Show “Cops” the previous night. He decided to play the bad guy and run. I was very fortunate that God had blessed my son and returned him back to me in one solid piece. He had disappeared one other time after that but I had Angels looking after him all the time, they were the Kindest Strangers I had ever met. He even gave one lady our home phone number to call me to come get him on that second occasion.

I was totally engaged reading how the soul and depression affect men worse in situations when it comes to changing your family dynamic. I honestly believe that Dr. Dale Archer is on the right track but it needs to be extended to preserve  Fathers to maintain that active positive role in their children’s lives when there is divorce involved. A program should be implemented to give them more emotional support. I was really shocked to learn that Adam had been taught how to use weapons with his condition.

I don’t feel comfortable with guns in my home with my kids living in the home with me.  I don’t own any personally. Children have way too much social stress in this century. In the 60’s kids teased to be mean, I experienced that first hand. I outsmarted their thinking and listened to my mother. I knew that she would not tell me wrong information I trusted her completely just as any child would do who have a close bond with their parents.

Mental Illness is not going away anytime soon. 2013 will certainly be a huge year of change for the USA. My prayers lie with all the family members of the deceased. and God Bless Everyone , Peace on Earth.


Primerica Dressed for Success

How What Makes You Different
Can Make you Exceptional

What most people that know me don’t know is that I have to attribute my friendship with one very special man Shon that has become my best friend online. I’m almost at a loss for words to begin our story together. I found this very intriguing profile on a website Hot or Not. He had some pretty impressive word usage with pictures that would attract any woman on the site and by gosh they did. He had women flocking to his profile. He wasn’t looking for a relationship, just seeking to spread the idea of Universal Love, and erase Hate in the world.  He didn’t know that my friend Kenan Hudaverdi from the UK has left me the US representative for his Campaign for Saving Lives in America.

I actually emailed him in Hot or Not and to my surprise he messaged me back. He was very evasive answering back but I didn’t push the issue sometimes a few weeks would go by before he answered me back.  We Talked in this website for a few months. We graduated to email; We quickly discovered that we were on the same page everyday with our thoughts. We spent countless hours emailing each other every day for over a year. Sending pictures of each other back and forth, sharing music in spotify or youtube, I uploaded family home videos. We both kept each other updated on our progress at the gym and fitness level improved for both of us last year.

My life of course would hit bumps in the road I took a detour from the gym to get financially back on track to start again.  There would be times where Shon would disappear and I felt sad during those days because he wasn’t exactly very good and keeping me updated about what was going on his life he was still evasive about something’s. My other friend Heidi has always been there for support for me like a Rock.

Shon Travels sometimes for work over to India, Dominican Republic, England where his parents live, and NYC is home for him. Anyone who works in the Jewelry Industry knows the demands this career entails. I think it really surprised Shon what I already knew about the Industry. Shon’s specialty is Gemstones. Emeralds are his favorite. We both share Blue as our favorite Color, He loves the Big Full Moon; the magnetism of the gravitational pull invigorates him. We both share a love for Nature itself; it just invigorates the both of us together as one.

We are both very connected on a spiritual level that I have never felt before with anyone. Even though I have never talked to Shon over the phone or met in person. I know he is a real man with a heart as big as California Sunshine. He sent me a video in January 2011, and I watch it at least once a month or more to hear his voice. When you meet a person online they only divulge what they want you to see. Even though you may think you know someone you could be completely in the dark about what is really going on in that person’s life. Shon had been going through some spiritual healing with his family during our first year talking.

He would divulge pieces of his life that most men wouldn’t divulge because they would consider it too personal. I always thought that if a man trusts you with personal information that he must have faith and trust in you to do so. When I asked Shon about publicizing our story for Dr.Dale Archer for our 1st Anniversary He gave me the Ok, but I’m just now getting to it and somehow It feels wrong for me to be telling it without his involvement, perhaps if I ask him tomorrow to do some audio on thoughts he would like me to say would help with the writing.

He says that I’m the nicest person he has ever known in his entire life, and wonders If I’m his Angel sent from God. I would have to say yes I’m, Only because the feeling is mutual about him entering my life Which I already know it is a blessing from God.The past few months have been extremely educational  for me about Shon. He is the only Man I have ever met that acknowledges his faults, and sought out help on his own to heal himself from the trauma throughout his lifetime. He told me it was Social Nervousness Anxiety, addiction to Alcohol, issues with Control over others, was affecting his social interaction with others.  He told me that he has been going to psycho-therapy, hypnotherapy, and Emotionally focused therapy aka EFT.

Shon is also going to be having treatment for EMDR mainly treatment for PTSD.  The EMDR is the last leg of his treatment, and he had finished his EFT treatments less than a few days before Hurricane Sandy Hit the NYC/NJ area. He did talk to his therapist after the Hurricane which I was very concerned about from him having to see and experience trauma from the storm. He is still having the EFT treatments.  Millions have been displaced and left without a home, job, or a business. Shon’s home is Ok, He told me he lives on a hill, and it was just his uncle, cousin and a few friends at his place. There was no damage.

As Shon was seeking his treatment I had sought out the healing rooms which I still continue to attend as often as I can. I’m in the process of getting my mother over there for her healing but it has been difficult with her numerous Dr. apt the past few weeks. I have to ensure that she is available one morning next week. I’m very anxious for her to feel better than what she has. I know all well too well with all her illnesses she can’t feel good at all, and it is breaking down her spirit but it is coming back since I have been praying for her and spending more time with her. I really enjoy spending time with her and helping her out. Nothing better than that family bond we developed when we were younger.

Shon is very close to his family and friends as well; When I first met him he was going out to beach with his friends for the weekends and playing Volleyball all that summer in 2011. It was very nice to know he had that male bonding and closeness with his dad, uncle, cousins.

I’m So excited for Shon. He has a lot of courage to face his problems head-on. I’m so proud of him for that. He told me a while ago that I have been his inspiration from the very beginning, and I believe him. It was shortly after we had met, I don’t remember what quite happened in Hot or Not with all of those women he was getting a lot of attention from and they never mattered to me or him. He reached out for me in an email with persistence to not give up on him, that he felt this strong spiritual connection for me over anyone that he had never felt before and that we would always be in each other’s life no matter what.

Shon and I have no plans yet to meet in person as of yet, I’m currently working on sending two Dr. Dale Archer’s book: Better than Normal, How What Makes you Different Can Make you Exceptional to Dr. Archer to Autograph for Shon and I. This is my gift I had bought for both Shon and I back in April on our one year friendship anniversary. I have not read the book yet, not until I receive the signed copy back and Shon has his so that we can read them together and become a success story for Dr. Archer’s webpage


I can’t believe how time has flown by since my last blog, The past year has been a roller coaster so far. Anything can happen, Whether it be countless things with negative energy attached to it. I have learned  to focus on positive reinforcements to rid the negative  impact of those situations. For everyone that knows me personally knows that after the loss of  SSI Benefits of my two sons last year has really impacted  and continues to challenge my discipline and decisions on a daily basis.

I have been praying for Cassie my daughter since I found out in early May a week before her 21st Birthday where she had moved too.  She left here with her heart broken over the fact that her mom was no longer financially capable of supporting her. She had known for quite a while the stress I had been under to keep food on the table for everyone.  The cost of Gasoline alone ate up what little I had left over after my basic living expenses were paid.

In December of Last year I started immersing myself back with Primerica Financial Services.  I had taken a few years break from doing the business, to focus on the in home intervention on both the boys. Now that most of the Intervention finished last summer It freed my time up when the boys started back to school last year. I had really missed my involvement with my Primerica Family. They have been the constant positive reinforcement to change my life. It is definitely permanently a solid staple in my life.

I’m going to succeed in this I know how good I can be. Facing my worst fears is the answer to my own success and believe it or not I’m doing just that. When I celebrated my birthday lunch with my dad back in 2006, just 10 to 12 days before his death, We had a long talk about Primerica. He finally understood what this Company really meant to me. I feel dad and God with me everyday. I don’t know why but I do. Other family members have dreams with him. I haven’t. It is his guidance to be the best I can possibly be for myself and my family no matter what I choose to do.

I started back to attending Mass at Queen of Angels Church here, even though I haven’t enrolled in the parish yet, I finally figured out that I need more of God’s guidance to get me where I want to be. Loren really enjoys the Masses, he has picked up a lot just from the prayers and singing for his reading in school. I’m going too enroll him into the CCD and get him baptized As soon as I can figure out who to ask to be his God Parents.

I have not been an active participant in the church since the age of 16. I never lost complete faith in everything I learned at school and at Church. I just happened to get lost for few decades attempting to cope with the closeness I once shared with my family, siblings, parents divorce, and my own divorce.  Now that my kids are older I can put forth the work for more self-reflection, meditation, and rebuild my relationship with God and Church. I know that this program will be very good for Loren.  Attempting to get Zach to church with me may take a miracle.

I have also been attending the What a blessing this has been in my life. I immediately felt a heavy burden lifted off my spirit after two  blessings. I no longer cry when I talk about my past journey. All my negative emotional attachments to my marriage are gone. I now know that the holy spirit is with me, I read the New Testament I need to reinforce to read a paragraph or two each night like I’m suppose too as I was instructed, and I have been praying more at home.

Wow Summer is  almost gone, Autumn is slowly working its way into California, The boys are back in School, Zachary is very happy, a Freshman, and Loren adjusting  to 3rd grade with flying colors, home is totally different story. When Summer started, Kids were out of School We were having fun in the sun, doing our usual local summer activities with the exception of No Youth Football this season. I placed a hold on that for Loren this year to allow him more time for personal growth and maturity.

I had so much anticipation of having a fun summer at the beach this year with the boys. I was going to take them to Refugio Beach this year, and possibly do a week of camping there until the 1st of July come around and got thrown a Curve Ball fast and hard from Social Security over the boys SSI benefits i received for them. We lost over half our income based on my inheritance from my dad when he passed on from his plane crash in 2008.

Because my family owns a small private Corporation that owns property in a commercial wind farm and is leased out for 75 years to the Corporation, meaning no one earns any income from the property, It is zoned commercial, has a appraisal value of 66k . I own this small corporation along with my brother and sister. It was my dad’s retirement dream to supplement his and moms retirement which it definitely did that for dad until his death. Social Security considers this a monetary resource that can be sold. When in fact it can’t be sold. We have Contractual obligations to fill. Social Security says it wouldn’t be a problem if i was residing on the property, then i could retain the benefits.

That’s how they protect all the families in Corporate America, who own millions already in property assets but because those assets are protected in a special needs trust, the government can’t go after them and they retain their benefits. I know this for a fact from talking to friend who manages millions if not billions for his clients that are family members of proctor and gamble and other such notable Corporate America families. Wall Street white-collar crime at its best.

I have been battling this issue with Social Security since January of 2010. I don’t manage any of my dad’s trust, or nor am I involved with the Treasury position in our family corporation. I responded by retaining an attorney to protect my interest. Social Security asked me to sell the property and interest into the family corporation when it is the only thing i have fall back on for myself when i reach retirement. Why would any smart person with financial sense sell it off because the government wanted the money for repayment of benefits they say total over 50k for both my sons. They Scrutinize, stigmatize people for accepting benefits through Social Security.

As it stands now, my sons are at further risk, because i have not been able to fully financially get caught up after the benefits stopped with no warning. Social Security said they sent a letter on the 14th of June. Letter never arrived after several phone calls and informing them of this problem they never sent me a copy I had to drive into Santa Maria and request they give me one.  They wouldn’t accept my receipts from my living expenses, showing that this family is truly at risk further from their actions.

Getting mad, and frustrated doesn’t get you anywhere to solve this matter, just a lot of perseverance, patience, parenting skills, and getting really creative when your kids are always asking to go somewhere and you can’t with gas approaching almost 4 dollars a gallon and you pay your rent and utilities I’m lucky if there is 100 dollars left to cover the cost of gas to last me a month. I’m down to raising my boys with under 990 dollars of child support a month. I got diagnosed with mild to moderate arthritis in both my knees and working hard at the gym to get a grip and loose this excess weight to get my mobility back to where it was. providing that i can retain the payments to the gym and for supplements for the inflammation in my knees.

I’m in the process of researching and seeking employment through Non Profit agencies to help supplement my income and retain financial independence again. I’m been seriously thinking of starting my own non profit organization, Lobbying for Change, and considering going back to school to learn that aspect of the industry. I just know I’m predestined to do something great in my life and I can’t  let this part of it get me down. This blog is to bring Transparency where ever i see it, regardless of where i find it. Awareness is needed to support the Americans who have lost their benefits as well to similar circumstances, since the financial crisis hit.

I read the headlines almost everyday, there is scores of  families just like mine who are unable to provide for their children, especially those who have children at risk and with #Autism, special needs. Shouldn’t Charity begin at home? If you cant take care of your own country how are you able to financially able to take care of so many other countries without any hesitation?

Closing Note: What is really odd about Social Security, is that they tell you are breaking the law, but they can’t show you  any law or tell you what federal penal codes  that you are violating. They just follow policies and procedures.

What do you all think of Radical Thinking. I come across the term as a self description from Byron Katie on Youtube for her “Work”  on the three sister segments.    

I watched them all to see her demonstrate her ideas and thoughts of how she effectively helps people with this method. It was such a complex, analytical thought process that actually had people think they were the problem. Wouldn’t it be simpler put to just acknowledge that we are all hipocrits. It is part of our human nature that cant be avoided.

     I  can totally understand people who look within themselves for self -Improvement. Her approach to me from what i read of two adults who were plain and simply put bullied, and Escorted out of the AutismOne Conference last month. when they had paid their registrations because they were believed to be or the Director of AutismOne implied to the security and police that they were journalists and asked to leave. They were there for the same reasons that anyone else is there for the education and resources. So why were they bullied out of the Conference? 

     From what i was told by a attendee, there were cops all over the place at the conference. What for? Security personal at the doorways i can understand. I attended Primerica’s Convention in Atlanta in 2007. The only security i saw there with over 60,000 attendees was just at the exits and entrances. These two individuals stated that they were escorted out of the conference when they were willing to leave on thier own accord.

      They were told that the Autism One Conference is a private Conference. How can that be if it was open to the public free of charge to anyone. It was held at a public venue, not on private property in a residential neighborhood.  We as parents of Children affected with Autism looking for resources and help.

It would be incomprehensible to even attempt to know what a any child afflicted with autism is thinking at any given moment. Like Carly Fleishmann  pointed out  on her video when she sees people she is taking  thousands of pictures of the person in her brain.  At  that thought process speed, she is just one Autism child. How would you even attempt use Radical thinking to comprehend and understand their feelings. It would be impossilbe in my opinon.

      People who really know me, will tell you that I’m a pretty simple thinker myself. My thought process i can tell you growing up with my family they never could understand why i think the way I do. My decisions because they were based on my own simplicity they attempted radical thinking in an  to what they called talk some sense into me. I interpreted that as Conform to the Norm of Society. Isn’t it that very thing that sets the Autism Epidemic off from everything else in the way we all think as Individuals? Why would you want that discouraged?

     When I involve people into my life i look to them for positive reinforcment for my personal growth. Not to be held back from ideas and thoughts that are pointless to me. They don’t hold value for what is in all of our hearts. We have full control over our emotions and we change when we are ready.

      Today was a good example. My typical day to take loren to his swim lessons in the morning, we come home eat lunch, and get caught up on some chores, and internet work for me until we leave for kids fitness class at the gym and i go to my spinning class. Last week the instructor told me that Loren just stopped 10 minutes into the class and wasn’t participating. He Participated the previous tuesday without a hitch.

      So why a change of heart? His Workers at CalifPyschCare have known for over a year that he has problems engaging with group activities that he isn’t familiar with. Football last year shed light on this obstacle that was preventing him from engaging with his peers on a personal level. Loren is very pecular in a sense that he wont fully engage period when he doesn’t want too. 

      I was pulled out of my spinning class 30 minutes into it today by his Worker, because Loren went into total meltdown mode and  she is a new worker that isnt familiar with him. I have emphasized this problem at Tri County meetings too. Loren engages once he sees me, and then i calm him down, and he knows that his tricks dont work with me that he pulls with his workers or anyone else for that matter trying to keep him engaged. It is plain and simple if you dont have a good repore with him he wont work with you. If he does choose to work with you, it is very limited. Radical Thinking wouldnt work.

     We came home no TV, No PC  for games today. tomorrow is a new day. We will see how Loren’s Awesome day chart looks on Saturday.   Frustration over any situation is picked up by any child you dont have to be autistic for that to happen either it happens with newborns and infants.

      It is not emotionally healthy if you dont keep those feelings in check. Reality is we are parents who are probably going to spending the remainder of our lives taking care of them. Why have those feelings imploding within the family thinking that we are the problem? When in fact the problem is acknowledging and accepting what God has given you. and Changing it and enhancing it for the better for everyone arround.

     It is the same thought process that Loren’s Worker from Sojourn Services Inc. had taught me to Use the timer when disciplining a child. Why, Because the anger that child is feeling is being placed on a inanimate object instead of the parent. Thus calming down the situation to have it manageable again with the right implentation of the discipline.

     My thoughts on the father son doctor team who had the license revoked for practicing extreme radical methods for treating Autism with no research to validate what they were practicing. Very Dangerous Territory for anyone to expose your child too. It is very sad to see children hurt in that manner. What is alarming is that this father son team were speakers at the AutismOne Conference. They were more dangerous to the general public than the two people who were bullied out of the Conference.

       What is the problem with taking pictures, or audio or video? Primerica has no such limits at any of their functions. Why is AutismOne Conference so paranoid about Journalists at their Convention? This is America, We have freedom of speech which is everyones right.


I retweeted this article and after i read it. It had only covered generalized information concerning Mold.

     Being the Parents of Children with Autism or any other neurological disorder needs to pay more attention to what I’m  about to inform you of Toxic Mold, that you can’t see that is hidden in your walls. I worked in the Carpet Cleaning and Flooring restoration business for just over 4 years and My Ex-Husband was a  Certified technician  through the IICRC aka Institution of inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

      As a consumer i want  you all to please become proactive and learn from these specialists. Certified Firms can have numerous certifications listed with IICRC, but not every employee will be certified. I would make sure that the person holding those certifications is on site monitoring the work throughout the day. IICRC issues a wallet size and document size certificates to everyone who passes their courses. Ask to see those certificates and not a copy.

       Three years ago I had a IICRC Certified firm, Install new carpet in my home. They installed the wrong padding, and i had them clean 3 bedrooms that were not installed. The Cleaning technician had a copy of a full document certificate with his name on it, When in fact when i called the IICRC he wasn’t certified to clean.

     I knew right away because my livingroom, diningroom, and hallway had new carpet installed and he started to carpet clean the brand new carpet in the hall. Anytime a technician cleans brand new carpeting it nullifies the Warranty of the Carpet. When i called IICRC and reported what they had done, I was not charged for the carpet or the installation. They had just installed a cheap grade of carpet and were attempting to charge me the rate of at least a good medium grade installion of carpet and padding.

     The IICRC monitors and maintains the standards of  Carpet Cleaning, Water and Fire Damage, Installion of all floorings and they even have Certified Inspectors for home inspections for Toxic Mold and will testify to their findings in a court of law which my kids dad has done several times to prove faulty construction. He has been working in this industry in Orange County for over the past 10 plus years, and has his certifications with IICRC.

     Toxic Mold is very dangerous if left undetected in your home. It does permanent nervous system damage if it doesn’t kill you 1st. There are thousands of homes in Orange County and Los Angeles that have this mold. Removal is a complex process once done they reconstruct the area back to code.

      Alot of the reasons they are finding is that Construction companies sub contract out portions of the homebuilding and when the city inspectors inspect the home during specific phases of construction they sign off on that phase before they can continue. Cities are always strapped for cash so they cut corners too. They want those property tax dollars.

     Alot of companies cut corners to keep their cost of building down, and use migrant workers who are not certified or knowledgeable of the building codes they are just day laborers working with little to no supervision. There are multi million dollar homes that are affected with Toxic Mold, The Insurance Industry does not cover the cost of damage of your home on your Home Owners insurance.

     What has happened is that once a certified inspector inspects the home they are looking for location of the Mold and at the construction at that location to determine the cause of the mold.  Faulty Construction in most cases, and thus any Toxic Mold Damage in the home or health of persons affected then reverts back to the Builder’s Liability insurance where it belongs. The IICRC link is very helpful locating a certified firm or technician in your area.

Chief Sulpher Springs Stallion

Alot of you already know that I volunteer with my family at  I consider it my sanctuary just from watching the herds interact with each other on any given day. Their abilities to Mirror people is really asstounding to me.  Especially since my youngest son Loren has Autism and Mirrors alot of behaviors of other people, especially his older brother Zach. We go out to the Sanctuary and whenever Loren approaches the fence, the horses have all their eyes glued on him. Just watching him to see how he moves and reacts arround them. There is a sense of calmness between the horses and Loren that is so profound that you would swear they had telepathy and talking to each other. I wanted to share this article I’m posting because this awareness of this type of therapy benefits everyone regardless who you are.


Why Horses?
Those who are familiar with horses recognize and understand the power of horses to influence people in incredibly powerful ways. Developing relationships, training, horsemanship instruction, and caring for the horses naturally affects the people involved in a positive manner.

The benefits of work ethic, responsibility, assertiveness, communication, and healthy relationships has long been recognized. Horses naturally provide these benefits. The use of horses is growing and gaining popularity with the rise of new approaches in working with the horses, including the field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

We are often asked, “Why horses? Why not other animals?”

Horses are large and powerful, which creates a natural opportunity for some to overcome fear and develop confidence. The size and power of the horse are naturally intimidating to many people. Accomplishing a task involving the horse, in spite of those fears, creates confidence and provides for wonderful metaphors when dealing with other intimidating and challenging situations in life.

Horses are very much like humans in that they are social animals. They have defined roles within their herds. They would rather be with their peers. They have distinct personalities, attitudes, and moods. An approach that seems to work with one horse, does not necessarily work with another. At times, they seem stubborn and defiant. They like to have fun. In other words, horses provide vast opportunities for metaphorical learning. Using metaphors, in discussion or activity, is an effective technique when working with even the most challenging individuals or groups.

Horses require work, whether in caring for them or working with them. In an era when immediate gratification and the “easy way” are the norm, horses require people to be engaged in physical and mental work to be successful, a valuable characteristic in all aspects of life.

Most importantly, horses have the ability to mirror exactly what human body language is telling them. Many people will complain, “The horse is stubborn. The horse doesn’t like me,” etc. But the lesson to be learned is that if they change themselves, the horses respond differently. Horses are honest, which makes them especially powerful messengers.

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