Cassie 4 Months Old

First off I need to Thank Candyce Estave for passing on this information to our Autism group page in yahoo. She passes on some pretty amazing articles that have been researched from earlier years on the Supression of Acute Diseases as you will read very interesting perspective for the reasons behind not giving the vaccinations. I tend to agree with their approach to medicine.
As with my daughter Cassie she had the ChickenPox at 4 months old, and right after she had gotten over them, She started having really bad ear infections back to back and went through countless rounds of antibiotics to keep her ears clear. I had complete faith in Loma Linda Pediatrics Center they were on the ball when it come to very young children and illnesses. Back in 1991 parents were’nt suspicious of Vaccinations and their link to their illnesses. perhaps she had vaccinations arround that same timeframe that jeopardized her immune system during those years. When there is genetics and vaccinations involved I don’t look to point fingers or blame on anyone, Just Answers and better options to fix the problems. Blame gets people no where. We as parents have a responsibility to our children since it was our decision to procreate and bring them into this world.
When I read this article it made perfect sense to me. I remember when i was like 5 or 6, my brother and sister both came down with measles, but I never did. Mom has always told me she waited for me to get them but never happened. I did however suffer from a Very High Fever that reached up to or just over 105.
It worried my parents enough to Call Father Silvano from our Church to make a home visit to bless me. I just remember sleeping alot and very listless. waking up and seeing father standing over the foot of my bed talking to my parents. The fever lasted a few days before it broke.

It is my own health in the USAF when I really started paying attention, I was active duty for 12 years 10 months which included my entire pregnancy and birth of Cassie. She was born at March AFB, Ca on Mother’s day May 12, 1991. When Cassie came down with the chicken pox it was me that stayed home for 10 days to take care of her, my ex husband worked 12 hr shifts at the warehouse. In November the following month the USAF told me I needed to get the flu vaccine, I told them Im not sick, they said its mandatory so when I went to the hospital, and got the vaccination within a month of Cassie having the chicken pox I came down with a very severe case of Strep Throat with a high grade fever over 103 three weeks later. I went to the ER at the base hospital and they told me that I was a Strep Carrier I informed them that my daughter was home recovering recently fm the Chicken pox I cant be sick I have to take care of her too, they gave me the antiobiotic shot in the hip. I didnt know about vaccine shedding back then, but oddly thats exactly what i associated my strep throat lead me to believe it was the vaccine.

No Vaccine to prevent disease should make you sick.  I got discharged fm the service in 1992 never had another vaccine other than tetnas and with the research showing so much causation and correlation to autism with the MMR Vaccine, Autoimmune disorders and syndromes from the adjuvents that are toxic to humans which are in vaccines researched in the NIH  who also hold patents on vaccines this is clearly in violation of the Nuremberg Code, The Geneva Convention, The Constitution of the United States. To mandate/force vaccination to the public. has all 4 CDCWHISTEBLOWER recording of dr Thompson with dr Hooker of the evidendence of over 10,000 documents  now on senator Bill Poseys website Vaccine links to CDC, NVIC, information on vaccine safety and inserts physicians are suppose to show you and dont. NIH research linking adjuvents fm vaccines to autoimune diseases and disorders. ASIA

Why Measles Might Be Necessary (and all the childhood illnesses)

“It is well known that measles is an important development milestone in the life and maturing processes in children. Why would anybody want to stop or delay the maturation processes of children and of their immune systems?”–Viera Scheibner

“In Annals of Tropical Paediatrics, [53] the following case is reported: 1984 a 5 year-old girl presented with a bad case of psoriasis. She showed large affected areas on her body and extremities, also involving to a significant degree her scalp. During the following year she was treated by Pediatricians and Dermatologists with coal tar preparations, local steroids, UV light, and dithranol wraps. Despite these therapies and two hospitalizations, the psoriasis was refractory and remained essentially unchanged until she came down with measles. As the measles rash began to spread over her skin, the psoriasis disappeared. Since then she has been free of psoriasis.”–Thomas Quak,

“After contracting measles and other childhood illnesses (e.g.. chickenpox, scarlet fever, whooping cough, rubella, mumps and may be others), it has been widely accepted by many health practitioners, including experienced orthodox paediatricians that this is often beneficial for the general health of many children. Specifically it has been shown that children contracting measles naturally were less likely to suffer from allergic conditions such as asthma, eczema and hayfever, (Lancer June 29 1996).”—Trevor Gunn BSc

“Most parents today find it quite difficult to understand why they have to have their child vaccinated against this particular disease (measles) when their mothers used to organise measles parties to ensure all the children of the family had it!” In fact a mild dose of measles stimulates the immature immune system, in the correct sequence, to develop naturally, thereby strengthening the child generally.”–Christina J Head MCH Rs. Hon

“Experiencing the measles actually strengthens the immune system. If measles is experienced generation after generation the disease gets weaker in its manifestation and becomes stronger in the identifying properties of the DNA/RNA chain. This passes on a permanent immunity to future generations from that particular lineage. If there is a virgin population that has never experienced the disease, then these individuals have a more likely chance of having more severe complications of that illness. Measles, along with, chickenpox, smallpox, any herpes, ringworm is a Tubercular Miasm.”–Phyllis (AVN list)

“the process of recovering from the natural disease also “primes” the organism nonspecifically to respond promptly and efficiently to other micro-organisms in the future. A crucial step in the maturation of a healthy immune system, the ability to mount a vigorous, acute response to infection unquestionably represents a major ingredient of optimum health and well-being in general…………………It has taken us many centuries of adaptation and “herd immunity” to convert it into an ordinary childhood disease, such that, when I first encountered it at the age of 6, nonspecific mechanisms were already in place to help me deal with it effectively. In that historical sense, the permanent immunity acquired by recovery from the natural disease represents an absolute net gain for the total health of the race as well. However the vaccines act inside the human body, true natural immunity or any other qualitative benefit cannot be ascribed to them: their effectiveness is a mere statistic, and the resulting “immunity” a narrowly defined technicality.”—Richard Moskowitz, M.D.(Vaccination: A Sacrament of Modern Medicine

“Relation between psoriasis and measles” (Z. Hautkr., vol. 57, no. 6, March 15, 1982, pp. 439-40 [article in German]): Psoriatics with measles in the history had a light type of psoriasis and low titers of measles antibodies; psoriatics without measles in the history, however, had severe types of psoriasis, and the titers of measles antibodies were high.”

Miasms are a complicated subject but basically are, by definition, the affects of infections and their sequels, which are collective diseases of common cause and similar symptoms. These are infections we experience or unresolved things resulting from infections in our parents or ancestors (can be inherited or acquired)

From Margaret Roy, “The Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy” (book)…………

“You may come across this term in some books, so a few words here are appropriate.

An acute miasm [“is a disease that”… addition….Sheri] occurs once in a lifetime. Diseases such as measles, chicken pox, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, diphtheria, polio, smallpox, etc are examples. They are almost all childhood illnesses, and that is the clue to their role.

An acute miasm is as it says, an acute expression of the underlying miasm. The vital force of the child is much stronger than that of an adult, so it can attempt to throw out, through an acute illness, what an adult could not. Through the childhood illnesses, the stronger vital force of the child attempts to unburden some of the miasmic load it has inherited. Later on, polluted and devitalized by the environment, and by stress and bad habits, it cannot do this, or if it does, the childhood diseases are often more severe in the adult.

So, an acute miasm is a special kind of acute disease that strikes deep enough to change the constitution, and this is why the homeopath does not believe in suppressing diseases such as mumps, chicken pox, rubella, etc.”

My comments on the above information that I teach in my homeopathy classes……….

I would suggest that vaccines do not prevent diseases – they just sensitize and basically give you a chronic case of the disease so you can’t get an acute one. We have traded acute illness for chronic illness. And by the time each vaccine came out the deaths had already declined greatly and in many cases deaths increased after the vaccine. So it takes a lot of looking into to see through the propaganda.

So not only have children not had the chance to throw off miasmatic layers; or the chance to build their immune systems with the challenge of illness; they have had further layers of damaged piled on with all that the vaccine does and adds.

Its take a little to wrap your head around this as it is totally different to anything you have probably been taught.

Acute miasm and acute illness are somewhat the same thing. Only usually what we refer to as an acute miasm (in homeopathy) is something you only get once – ie. chickenpox, measles, etc.

We have interrupted a process whereby chronic miasms (disturbances) were dealt with early on in life by acute miasms (illness) before and since vaccination, the child is unable to and therefore we have created generations of diseased, chronically ill humans

A lot of this is theoretical – how we try to explain it from a homeopathic perspective. Acute miasms are able to help unburden the chronic miasm load……………….but not all are susceptible to measles, etc …….it seems not all ‘need’ to get this disease to help unburden. These diseases (ie measles and all) have developed over millenia – a symbiosis?

FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO DELVE DEEPER – now this will be challenging but there if you want it

This is the Organon, the writings of Samuel Hahnemann, discoverer of Homeopathy – this online edition has his 5th & 6th editions.
Read the 6th edition. The last one that he did. This is where we get our laws and principles from.

Read Aphorisms 46 – 51
About measles being able to cure other diseases.

More on acute and chronic diseases (miasms)
Acute & Chronic Diseases
Read Aphorisms 72-81
Psora & the Miasms
Aphorisms 80-81
Aphorisms 204 – 209

We are unable to throw of inherited and acquired illness (miasms) as well are other acquired and inherited disturbances (non-infectious) – collective diseases that can include physical and mental traumas, endemic nutritional deficiencies, exposure of a group to poisons and toxins & vaccines & drugs, as well as environmentally induced disorders such as the affects of living in an unhealthy climate, dead buildings, negative telluric affects, etc. (these are not miasms but are disturbances).

We are not given the opportunity to throw of chronic miasms and ALSO HAVE added further disturbance with the vaccine.

Certain children more susceptible to complications from measles so need to be aware – that is why a homeopath can be so helpful…..
“A constitution with the inherited TB miasm is especially susceptible to acute miasms that affect the eyes, ear, nose, throat, glands, and respiratory tract. Those with a TB constitution often experience dangerous complications to the common acute miasms of childhood, such as measles, mumps, and chickenpox.”.