I retweeted this article and after i read it. It had only covered generalized information concerning Mold. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43343483/ns/health-allergies_and_asthma/?ocid=twitter

     Being the Parents of Children with Autism or any other neurological disorder needs to pay more attention to what I’m  about to inform you of Toxic Mold, that you can’t see that is hidden in your walls. I worked in the Carpet Cleaning and Flooring restoration business for just over 4 years and My Ex-Husband was a  Certified technician  through the IICRC aka Institution of inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

      As a consumer i want  you all to please become proactive and learn from these specialists. Certified Firms can have numerous certifications listed with IICRC, but not every employee will be certified. I would make sure that the person holding those certifications is on site monitoring the work throughout the day. IICRC issues a wallet size and document size certificates to everyone who passes their courses. Ask to see those certificates and not a copy.

       Three years ago I had a IICRC Certified firm, Install new carpet in my home. They installed the wrong padding, and i had them clean 3 bedrooms that were not installed. The Cleaning technician had a copy of a full document certificate with his name on it, When in fact when i called the IICRC he wasn’t certified to clean.

     I knew right away because my livingroom, diningroom, and hallway had new carpet installed and he started to carpet clean the brand new carpet in the hall. Anytime a technician cleans brand new carpeting it nullifies the Warranty of the Carpet. When i called IICRC and reported what they had done, I was not charged for the carpet or the installation. They had just installed a cheap grade of carpet and were attempting to charge me the rate of at least a good medium grade installion of carpet and padding.

     The IICRC monitors and maintains the standards of  Carpet Cleaning, Water and Fire Damage, Installion of all floorings and they even have Certified Inspectors for home inspections for Toxic Mold and will testify to their findings in a court of law which my kids dad has done several times to prove faulty construction. He has been working in this industry in Orange County for over the past 10 plus years, and has his certifications with IICRC.

     Toxic Mold is very dangerous if left undetected in your home. It does permanent nervous system damage if it doesn’t kill you 1st. There are thousands of homes in Orange County and Los Angeles that have this mold. Removal is a complex process once done they reconstruct the area back to code.

      Alot of the reasons they are finding is that Construction companies sub contract out portions of the homebuilding and when the city inspectors inspect the home during specific phases of construction they sign off on that phase before they can continue. Cities are always strapped for cash so they cut corners too. They want those property tax dollars.

     Alot of companies cut corners to keep their cost of building down, and use migrant workers who are not certified or knowledgeable of the building codes they are just day laborers working with little to no supervision. There are multi million dollar homes that are affected with Toxic Mold, The Insurance Industry does not cover the cost of damage of your home on your Home Owners insurance.

     What has happened is that once a certified inspector inspects the home they are looking for location of the Mold and at the construction at that location to determine the cause of the mold.  Faulty Construction in most cases, and thus any Toxic Mold Damage in the home or health of persons affected then reverts back to the Builder’s Liability insurance where it belongs. The IICRC link is very helpful locating a certified firm or technician in your area.