What do you all think of Radical Thinking. I come across the term as a self description from Byron Katie on Youtube for her “Work”  on the three sister segments.    

I watched them all to see her demonstrate her ideas and thoughts of how she effectively helps people with this method. It was such a complex, analytical thought process that actually had people think they were the problem. Wouldn’t it be simpler put to just acknowledge that we are all hipocrits. It is part of our human nature that cant be avoided.

     I  can totally understand people who look within themselves for self -Improvement. Her approach to me from what i read of two adults who were plain and simply put bullied, and Escorted out of the AutismOne Conference last month. when they had paid their registrations because they were believed to be or the Director of AutismOne implied to the security and police that they were journalists and asked to leave. They were there for the same reasons that anyone else is there for the education and resources. So why were they bullied out of the Conference? 

     From what i was told by a attendee, there were cops all over the place at the conference. What for? Security personal at the doorways i can understand. I attended Primerica’s Convention in Atlanta in 2007. The only security i saw there with over 60,000 attendees was just at the exits and entrances. These two individuals stated that they were escorted out of the conference when they were willing to leave on thier own accord.

      They were told that the Autism One Conference is a private Conference. How can that be if it was open to the public free of charge to anyone. It was held at a public venue, not on private property in a residential neighborhood.  We as parents of Children affected with Autism looking for resources and help.

It would be incomprehensible to even attempt to know what a any child afflicted with autism is thinking at any given moment. Like Carly Fleishmann  pointed out  on her video when she sees people she is taking  thousands of pictures of the person in her brain.  At  that thought process speed, she is just one Autism child. How would you even attempt use Radical thinking to comprehend and understand their feelings. It would be impossilbe in my opinon.

      People who really know me, will tell you that I’m a pretty simple thinker myself. My thought process i can tell you growing up with my family they never could understand why i think the way I do. My decisions because they were based on my own simplicity they attempted radical thinking in an  to what they called talk some sense into me. I interpreted that as Conform to the Norm of Society. Isn’t it that very thing that sets the Autism Epidemic off from everything else in the way we all think as Individuals? Why would you want that discouraged?

     When I involve people into my life i look to them for positive reinforcment for my personal growth. Not to be held back from ideas and thoughts that are pointless to me. They don’t hold value for what is in all of our hearts. We have full control over our emotions and we change when we are ready.

      Today was a good example. My typical day to take loren to his swim lessons in the morning, we come home eat lunch, and get caught up on some chores, and internet work for me until we leave for kids fitness class at the gym and i go to my spinning class. Last week the instructor told me that Loren just stopped 10 minutes into the class and wasn’t participating. He Participated the previous tuesday without a hitch.

      So why a change of heart? His Workers at CalifPyschCare have known for over a year that he has problems engaging with group activities that he isn’t familiar with. Football last year shed light on this obstacle that was preventing him from engaging with his peers on a personal level. Loren is very pecular in a sense that he wont fully engage period when he doesn’t want too. 

      I was pulled out of my spinning class 30 minutes into it today by his Worker, because Loren went into total meltdown mode and  she is a new worker that isnt familiar with him. I have emphasized this problem at Tri County meetings too. Loren engages once he sees me, and then i calm him down, and he knows that his tricks dont work with me that he pulls with his workers or anyone else for that matter trying to keep him engaged. It is plain and simple if you dont have a good repore with him he wont work with you. If he does choose to work with you, it is very limited. Radical Thinking wouldnt work.

     We came home no TV, No PC  for games today. tomorrow is a new day. We will see how Loren’s Awesome day chart looks on Saturday.   Frustration over any situation is picked up by any child you dont have to be autistic for that to happen either it happens with newborns and infants.

      It is not emotionally healthy if you dont keep those feelings in check. Reality is we are parents who are probably going to spending the remainder of our lives taking care of them. Why have those feelings imploding within the family thinking that we are the problem? When in fact the problem is acknowledging and accepting what God has given you. and Changing it and enhancing it for the better for everyone arround.

     It is the same thought process that Loren’s Worker from Sojourn Services Inc. had taught me to Use the timer when disciplining a child. Why, Because the anger that child is feeling is being placed on a inanimate object instead of the parent. Thus calming down the situation to have it manageable again with the right implentation of the discipline.

     My thoughts on the father son doctor team who had the license revoked for practicing extreme radical methods for treating Autism with no research to validate what they were practicing. Very Dangerous Territory for anyone to expose your child too. It is very sad to see children hurt in that manner. What is alarming is that this father son team were speakers at the AutismOne Conference. They were more dangerous to the general public than the two people who were bullied out of the Conference.

       What is the problem with taking pictures, or audio or video? Primerica has no such limits at any of their functions. Why is AutismOne Conference so paranoid about Journalists at their Convention? This is America, We have freedom of speech which is everyones right.

Sources: http://skepchick.org/2011/05/autism-one-conference-skeptics-will-be-prosecuted-to-the-fullest-extent-of-the-law/