Wow Summer is  almost gone, Autumn is slowly working its way into California, The boys are back in School, Zachary is very happy, a Freshman, and Loren adjusting  to 3rd grade with flying colors, home is totally different story. When Summer started, Kids were out of School We were having fun in the sun, doing our usual local summer activities with the exception of No Youth Football this season. I placed a hold on that for Loren this year to allow him more time for personal growth and maturity.

I had so much anticipation of having a fun summer at the beach this year with the boys. I was going to take them to Refugio Beach this year, and possibly do a week of camping there until the 1st of July come around and got thrown a Curve Ball fast and hard from Social Security over the boys SSI benefits i received for them. We lost over half our income based on my inheritance from my dad when he passed on from his plane crash in 2008.

Because my family owns a small private Corporation that owns property in a commercial wind farm and is leased out for 75 years to the Corporation, meaning no one earns any income from the property, It is zoned commercial, has a appraisal value of 66k . I own this small corporation along with my brother and sister. It was my dad’s retirement dream to supplement his and moms retirement which it definitely did that for dad until his death. Social Security considers this a monetary resource that can be sold. When in fact it can’t be sold. We have Contractual obligations to fill. Social Security says it wouldn’t be a problem if i was residing on the property, then i could retain the benefits.

That’s how they protect all the families in Corporate America, who own millions already in property assets but because those assets are protected in a special needs trust, the government can’t go after them and they retain their benefits. I know this for a fact from talking to friend who manages millions if not billions for his clients that are family members of proctor and gamble and other such notable Corporate America families. Wall Street white-collar crime at its best.

I have been battling this issue with Social Security since January of 2010. I don’t manage any of my dad’s trust, or nor am I involved with the Treasury position in our family corporation. I responded by retaining an attorney to protect my interest. Social Security asked me to sell the property and interest into the family corporation when it is the only thing i have fall back on for myself when i reach retirement. Why would any smart person with financial sense sell it off because the government wanted the money for repayment of benefits they say total over 50k for both my sons. They Scrutinize, stigmatize people for accepting benefits through Social Security.

As it stands now, my sons are at further risk, because i have not been able to fully financially get caught up after the benefits stopped with no warning. Social Security said they sent a letter on the 14th of June. Letter never arrived after several phone calls and informing them of this problem they never sent me a copy I had to drive into Santa Maria and request they give me one.  They wouldn’t accept my receipts from my living expenses, showing that this family is truly at risk further from their actions.

Getting mad, and frustrated doesn’t get you anywhere to solve this matter, just a lot of perseverance, patience, parenting skills, and getting really creative when your kids are always asking to go somewhere and you can’t with gas approaching almost 4 dollars a gallon and you pay your rent and utilities I’m lucky if there is 100 dollars left to cover the cost of gas to last me a month. I’m down to raising my boys with under 990 dollars of child support a month. I got diagnosed with mild to moderate arthritis in both my knees and working hard at the gym to get a grip and loose this excess weight to get my mobility back to where it was. providing that i can retain the payments to the gym and for supplements for the inflammation in my knees.

I’m in the process of researching and seeking employment through Non Profit agencies to help supplement my income and retain financial independence again. I’m been seriously thinking of starting my own non profit organization, Lobbying for Change, and considering going back to school to learn that aspect of the industry. I just know I’m predestined to do something great in my life and I can’t  let this part of it get me down. This blog is to bring Transparency where ever i see it, regardless of where i find it. Awareness is needed to support the Americans who have lost their benefits as well to similar circumstances, since the financial crisis hit.

I read the headlines almost everyday, there is scores of  families just like mine who are unable to provide for their children, especially those who have children at risk and with #Autism, special needs. Shouldn’t Charity begin at home? If you cant take care of your own country how are you able to financially able to take care of so many other countries without any hesitation?

Closing Note: What is really odd about Social Security, is that they tell you are breaking the law, but they can’t show you  any law or tell you what federal penal codes  that you are violating. They just follow policies and procedures.