I can’t believe how time has flown by since my last blog, The past year has been a roller coaster so far. Anything can happen, Whether it be countless things with negative energy attached to it. I have learned  to focus on positive reinforcements to rid the negative  impact of those situations. For everyone that knows me personally knows that after the loss of  SSI Benefits of my two sons last year has really impacted  and continues to challenge my discipline and decisions on a daily basis.

I have been praying for Cassie my daughter since I found out in early May a week before her 21st Birthday where she had moved too.  She left here with her heart broken over the fact that her mom was no longer financially capable of supporting her. She had known for quite a while the stress I had been under to keep food on the table for everyone.  The cost of Gasoline alone ate up what little I had left over after my basic living expenses were paid.

In December of Last year I started immersing myself back with Primerica Financial Services.  I had taken a few years break from doing the business, to focus on the in home intervention on both the boys. Now that most of the Intervention finished last summer It freed my time up when the boys started back to school last year. I had really missed my involvement with my Primerica Family. They have been the constant positive reinforcement to change my life. It is definitely permanently a solid staple in my life.

I’m going to succeed in this I know how good I can be. Facing my worst fears is the answer to my own success and believe it or not I’m doing just that. When I celebrated my birthday lunch with my dad back in 2006, just 10 to 12 days before his death, We had a long talk about Primerica. He finally understood what this Company really meant to me. I feel dad and God with me everyday. I don’t know why but I do. Other family members have dreams with him. I haven’t. It is his guidance to be the best I can possibly be for myself and my family no matter what I choose to do.

I started back to attending Mass at Queen of Angels Church here, even though I haven’t enrolled in the parish yet, I finally figured out that I need more of God’s guidance to get me where I want to be. Loren really enjoys the Masses, he has picked up a lot just from the prayers and singing for his reading in school. I’m going too enroll him into the CCD and get him baptized As soon as I can figure out who to ask to be his God Parents.

I have not been an active participant in the church since the age of 16. I never lost complete faith in everything I learned at school and at Church. I just happened to get lost for few decades attempting to cope with the closeness I once shared with my family, siblings, parents divorce, and my own divorce.  Now that my kids are older I can put forth the work for more self-reflection, meditation, and rebuild my relationship with God and Church. I know that this program will be very good for Loren.  Attempting to get Zach to church with me may take a miracle.

I have also been attending the http://www.healingroomssmv.com What a blessing this has been in my life. I immediately felt a heavy burden lifted off my spirit after two  blessings. I no longer cry when I talk about my past journey. All my negative emotional attachments to my marriage are gone. I now know that the holy spirit is with me, I read the New Testament I need to reinforce to read a paragraph or two each night like I’m suppose too as I was instructed, and I have been praying more at home.