Primerica Dressed for Success

How What Makes You Different
Can Make you Exceptional

What most people that know me don’t know is that I have to attribute my friendship with one very special man Shon that has become my best friend online. I’m almost at a loss for words to begin our story together. I found this very intriguing profile on a website Hot or Not. He had some pretty impressive word usage with pictures that would attract any woman on the site and by gosh they did. He had women flocking to his profile. He wasn’t looking for a relationship, just seeking to spread the idea of Universal Love, and erase Hate in the world.  He didn’t know that my friend Kenan Hudaverdi from the UK has left me the US representative for his Campaign for Saving Lives in America.

I actually emailed him in Hot or Not and to my surprise he messaged me back. He was very evasive answering back but I didn’t push the issue sometimes a few weeks would go by before he answered me back.  We Talked in this website for a few months. We graduated to email; We quickly discovered that we were on the same page everyday with our thoughts. We spent countless hours emailing each other every day for over a year. Sending pictures of each other back and forth, sharing music in spotify or youtube, I uploaded family home videos. We both kept each other updated on our progress at the gym and fitness level improved for both of us last year.

My life of course would hit bumps in the road I took a detour from the gym to get financially back on track to start again.  There would be times where Shon would disappear and I felt sad during those days because he wasn’t exactly very good and keeping me updated about what was going on his life he was still evasive about something’s. My other friend Heidi has always been there for support for me like a Rock.

Shon Travels sometimes for work over to India, Dominican Republic, England where his parents live, and NYC is home for him. Anyone who works in the Jewelry Industry knows the demands this career entails. I think it really surprised Shon what I already knew about the Industry. Shon’s specialty is Gemstones. Emeralds are his favorite. We both share Blue as our favorite Color, He loves the Big Full Moon; the magnetism of the gravitational pull invigorates him. We both share a love for Nature itself; it just invigorates the both of us together as one.

We are both very connected on a spiritual level that I have never felt before with anyone. Even though I have never talked to Shon over the phone or met in person. I know he is a real man with a heart as big as California Sunshine. He sent me a video in January 2011, and I watch it at least once a month or more to hear his voice. When you meet a person online they only divulge what they want you to see. Even though you may think you know someone you could be completely in the dark about what is really going on in that person’s life. Shon had been going through some spiritual healing with his family during our first year talking.

He would divulge pieces of his life that most men wouldn’t divulge because they would consider it too personal. I always thought that if a man trusts you with personal information that he must have faith and trust in you to do so. When I asked Shon about publicizing our story for Dr.Dale Archer for our 1st Anniversary He gave me the Ok, but I’m just now getting to it and somehow It feels wrong for me to be telling it without his involvement, perhaps if I ask him tomorrow to do some audio on thoughts he would like me to say would help with the writing.

He says that I’m the nicest person he has ever known in his entire life, and wonders If I’m his Angel sent from God. I would have to say yes I’m, Only because the feeling is mutual about him entering my life Which I already know it is a blessing from God.The past few months have been extremely educational  for me about Shon. He is the only Man I have ever met that acknowledges his faults, and sought out help on his own to heal himself from the trauma throughout his lifetime. He told me it was Social Nervousness Anxiety, addiction to Alcohol, issues with Control over others, was affecting his social interaction with others.  He told me that he has been going to psycho-therapy, hypnotherapy, and Emotionally focused therapy aka EFT.

Shon is also going to be having treatment for EMDR mainly treatment for PTSD.  The EMDR is the last leg of his treatment, and he had finished his EFT treatments less than a few days before Hurricane Sandy Hit the NYC/NJ area. He did talk to his therapist after the Hurricane which I was very concerned about from him having to see and experience trauma from the storm. He is still having the EFT treatments.  Millions have been displaced and left without a home, job, or a business. Shon’s home is Ok, He told me he lives on a hill, and it was just his uncle, cousin and a few friends at his place. There was no damage.

As Shon was seeking his treatment I had sought out the healing rooms which I still continue to attend as often as I can. I’m in the process of getting my mother over there for her healing but it has been difficult with her numerous Dr. apt the past few weeks. I have to ensure that she is available one morning next week. I’m very anxious for her to feel better than what she has. I know all well too well with all her illnesses she can’t feel good at all, and it is breaking down her spirit but it is coming back since I have been praying for her and spending more time with her. I really enjoy spending time with her and helping her out. Nothing better than that family bond we developed when we were younger.

Shon is very close to his family and friends as well; When I first met him he was going out to beach with his friends for the weekends and playing Volleyball all that summer in 2011. It was very nice to know he had that male bonding and closeness with his dad, uncle, cousins.

I’m So excited for Shon. He has a lot of courage to face his problems head-on. I’m so proud of him for that. He told me a while ago that I have been his inspiration from the very beginning, and I believe him. It was shortly after we had met, I don’t remember what quite happened in Hot or Not with all of those women he was getting a lot of attention from and they never mattered to me or him. He reached out for me in an email with persistence to not give up on him, that he felt this strong spiritual connection for me over anyone that he had never felt before and that we would always be in each other’s life no matter what.

Shon and I have no plans yet to meet in person as of yet, I’m currently working on sending two Dr. Dale Archer’s book: Better than Normal, How What Makes you Different Can Make you Exceptional to Dr. Archer to Autograph for Shon and I. This is my gift I had bought for both Shon and I back in April on our one year friendship anniversary. I have not read the book yet, not until I receive the signed copy back and Shon has his so that we can read them together and become a success story for Dr. Archer’s webpage