Loretta Ollie Thomson Born 9/10/1932 death 5/3/2014

Loretta Ollie Thomson Born 9/10/1932
death 5/3/2014

It is hard to imagine where I was this time last year, Mom was halfway through her chemo treatments, She had a fire in her home in december 2013,  and had been staying at the Raddison Hotel at Santa Maria Airport with my sister and my nephew who mainly looked after her when I wasnt working or looking after my own family. It was my role to escort her to the numerous doctor apts, and retrieve her medications from the pharmacy if she needed something. She was so full of enthusiasm, and optimistic about finishing these 6 treatments that her Oncologist insisted she take all of them. I got really concerned about her body not being able to withstand all the treatments and I had asked him, at her 3rd visit what if her body cant withstand all the treatments, he just said that all the treatments had to be given.  I just thought that the Standard of Care he was practicing was just doing what he was taught to do follow the protocol that he had been practicing or decades.

I didn’t learn till like a month later that Sansum Clinic is not practicing Functional Health Care, but the old standard of care and it was very apparent when I had gone with Mom to see her endocrinologist, the last time I had taken my book Hypothyroidism II, Dr. Mark Starr. I had been in contact with a friend who is biochemist in Hawaii, he told me to research decciated Thyroid, he said it has been approved by the FDA for over 50 years and it is way more effective for Treating the whole thyroid condition, over levothroxin, or syntheroid. So i did google it and came up with recent military research at Walter Reed Medical Center that basically stated, that in their research findings that many people did feel a difference on the desiccated Thyroid, that the T3 conversion over to T4 seemed to be more effective and it was ok to treat patients who requested they try it, age was not a factor or heart condition, My physician had placed her 80s mother on the desiccated thyroid and it made a huge difference in lifting her depression, like it did for me. I wanted the same for my mother. It totally worked for me. I had never felt the same after i came down with Hashimotos Disease in 1996, When i mentioned this to moms Dr, Wilson,  he basically told me that the whole book was garbage and i just closed it and left it at that, his mind was not receptive, and I already knew he couldnt debunk the research, it was out there and he already knew it. No one can debunk a physician who learned from JFK’s own endocrinologist Dr. Eugene Cohen. http://www.nytimes.com/1999/07/17/classified/paid-notice-deaths-cohen-eugene-j.html

Dr. Mark Star referenced his research on numerous occassions.  During all this time I had been taking mom to the vitamin and herb store to get her on the right immune boosters to keep her good cells and help her remain functional healthy. It bascially took a team of caregivers to give her round the clock care and we certainly didnt have that. I Loved my mother enough to know that some families dont handle it well when it comes to family and terminal illnesses. They dont understand that is all people want when they reach their senior years, is to have family arround. they want to die with dignity and family love intact. It is the ultimate unconditional gift to give them. Dr Dale Archer had posted a article on dignity and dying, I posted it on my wall and hoped that my family and friends read it, it is important. I have alot of compassion for people and animals. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/reading-between-the-headlines/201404/dying-dignity. In my later years i have leaned more toward the wild animals and protecting their rights, Even our domestic pets, dogs and cats, have become so accustommed to being a family member their intelligence is evolving to coexist with us on a way higher level for healing and stress reduction.

My dog Hoshi taught me that, I never had a dog so attached to me and my kids,  before her, and I miss her. I wont get another dog, unless I have time and money to support one. They take alot more of your time than a cat who are basically independent and outdoors and  happy hunting mice and gophers. Animals deserve the freedom of their choosing on their life and how it is being lived. If a cat is happy being a indoor cat then keep them as a indoor cat, Toni the cat next door who adopted us, is in our home all the time. She is perfectly happy as a indoor cat. She does go outside too sometimes but she prefers the comfort of inside a home.  Jasper on the other hand, He is all faral in spirit, he prefers to be outdoors, climbing trees, walking the cinderblock cat freeway. We all deserve to die with the life we choose to live and that includes the animals we have domesticated too.

My mom passed away on a saturday evening, the dr at MICU at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, Ca callled me at like 6 in the evening, I didnt get there till it was dark, I had a friend drive me. Her organs were shutting down, so i made phone calls to family, and got down there with my kids as soon as I could. My oldest son Zach, really had a tough time seeing his grandmother sick, he didnt want to see her like that and mom understood, it hurt him to see her like that. My sister and her husband got there just before me and when we prayed and had the dr call the priest to give her last blessings to pass on to be with God and family. It was not easy to see her trying to talk to me with a tube down her throat to help her breath, the infection in her lungs was not responding to the medication. She had just been cleared of Cancer a few days before she went into the ICU, and she was dying from complications from side effects of the Chemo Therapy. I saw it, I watched it happen, What I didnt approve of them giving my mom medication to paralyze her, the side effects shuts down the organs, and they knew that in the MICU. She was laying there so peacefully, her body was bloated from being septic. Once the priest came and blessed and prayed over her. we all gathered arround and prayed for her, played jazz music for her, What happened next I was in disbelief, on the protocol for removing the tube. to let her pass on, my mother had talked with pallative care and they had told her the truth that she may not survive this infection.

She left me in Charge of her decisions. I knew exactly what she wanted. I let the dr and nurses know that its time to remove the tube to let her go.  It is what happened next is What floored me evidently a physician who isnt even in the hospital is on call to authorize the removal of life support from individuals over the phone. He had basically told me that they usually do it in the morning hours that is more convenient for the hospital, I basically told him that is not what my mother wants, she needs the tube removed now, and let her pass on, They were just trying to milk medicare for additional day costs. Typical big pharma protocol. He didnt want to do it but i insisted they do it, I told him why would let a person suffer longer when they are septic for the body accummulate even more infectious waste within it? that is not humane treatment. Once they removed tube we prayed and sang, I noticed mom was looking straight at me with one eye open and tears were building up in it, I knew she was watching me as she left us. Her heart beat for 15 minutes and then it peacefully stopped and she was surrounded by family and loving friends.

It has been almost 9 months since she has passed on, I taking my time for mourning, I maintained her home for 6 months before I had packed up the inside and moved it all into the garage to be donated to a local charity. only thing left inside was her furniture, which wasnt much. I took my time going through alot of the things i had never seen before like birth certificates of my grandparents, and their parents, mom was into keeping up with our family heritage. What a important task that she came up with in her later years. I feel her with me everyday, just like my dad, I know that she is happy up in heaven with her family and the lord. On Easter Sunday last year,  she dreamed of Helen Dana visiting her and saying hello, Haike had told me at the vitamin and herb store that when people are near their date of death they do dream of family members who are waiting for them to cross over. It becomes a very spiritual experience. My mourning is subsiding, the only thing that remains is tears when i think of her, but I have come to understand that they are tears of happiness for her, that she isnt suffering any more. She was happy with her life and she was ready whenever the Lord called for her. I love you Mom. Thank you for everything that you have done for me down hereon earth as my Mother You were the best you could be.