Dr. Sabrina U. Carter M.D. Santa Barbara, Ca.  the boys  pediatric Neurologist.

# 2 sons Born 7 years 9 months apart Zachary my oldest son born a healthy happy Boy with alot of intestinal gas as a infant, wether this was from the Hep B shot, as a parent  I treated him with the mylecon drops, it corrected it, his peditrician visits were kept up to date with vaccines, noticed his inability to focus very early, my pregnancy developed in PreEclampsia, I had been working 12 hour days at the hospital, stopped working 2 weeks before my due date to rest up, until my weekly visit on the 20th March, 1996, had way too much protein in my urine dr ordered me to the hospital to induce me for deliverly 10 days early.

 Zachary was born the next morning, an vaginal birth, 8 hr labor the physicians had me hooked up to a sodium drip IV to prevent me from having seizures, I felt very larthagic, didnt like that feeling, just felt my body was not being able to flush out toxins! They kept me on that IV till I went home 2 days later. Zachary’s was very hyper active fm infant up into toddler we had numerous trips to the ER, this boy was a train With no breaks, he loved and was fascinated with trains growing up. Train videos all the time he could tell parents at a very early age about the different train engines, his developement was delayed, it was very clear to see! He passed all of his speech therapy

Once he started in school, assessments IEP’s  only thing he qualified for was speech therapy, his success in the classroom was very difficult we had just moved to Lompoc in the fall of 2001, to be closer to my parents for support, my step Mother was a retired clincal physcologist fm Nevada.

 In 2008 both my sons had been accessed by:Thomas Wylie PHD, Zach has been diagnosed with a processing disorder/severe adhd yet because of the beauracy within the medical industry, Zach’s pediatrician prescribed ritilan/later switched to Concerta, it calmed him down but then it kept him awake till 3 am, medical side effects were being published online, zach used to stare off/daydream, not focus in the classroom, repeated the 3rd grade, each grade he was moved up too he continued to have failed grades up until after 5th grade I pulled him out of the school and enrolled both of the boys into Manzanita Charter school had a way more intergrative school teaching with a way better 20 to 1 ratio per teacher. 

This is when Loren’s Medical history begins, I carried him to term at age 43, I changed my diet, exercised more, hiked alot of beaches in 2002. My labor and delivery was induced, had a healthy deliverly 3 hrs fm start to finish. He spent alot of time with eye contact with me, I just knew there was something off with his ability to communicate, his milestones as a infant were delayed but I did the best I could to teach/show him he was a very visual learner like me.

 When I went back to college that year, I placed him in well structured daycare that taught infants sign language, they had a very well structured daily schedule which I loved. Loren’s delayed developement started to show more as he grew. He had all of his vaccines up to date, enrolled him into the head-start program at age 3.5 because of his delays he was assessed for speech and started therapy, the only other service he qualified for was for his sensory processing, which for the most part was corrected. He graduated preschool in the summer of 2oo8. 

 So after both boys were enrolled into the charter school I started the process of getting both of them assessed again, the school district refused to assess loren before he started kindergarten. Dr Wylie was suppose to give me copies of the boys assessments earlier that year and l didnt obtain them until jan/feb 2009 Loren’s assessment came with a diagnosis of Autism, 2 months later Zach’s assessment was jaw dropping, overwhelming, infuriating (mentally retarded, processing disorder) for what the district denied him in all those years in elementary school! His resillence that year was so asstounding, he became a speed reader, C average in all if his courses the 2nd time ever he had confidence at school. 

The 1st time was in 4th grade when he decided to participate in the classroom turned 2 F’s into A’s in one reporting period 6 months after losing his grandfather in plane crash in 2006. My  Dad was the only father figure they could depend on in those years. 

So this is when I take both my son’s to Dr. Sabrina U. Carter I learned so much fm her she was so instramental in helping me manage their IEPS, she did eegs on both boys to discover that they both had petite mal seisures aka absent epilepsy, they were both placed on depakote for treatment I researched and read that they can recover and heal from this they have to be seizure free for 1 year before they can be weaned off the medication. If the seizure disorder is caught past puberty age 13 the disorder can be permanent. 

When I told her that Zach had been on ritilan and concerta for his adhd in 2003 to 2006, and his inabililty to sleep at night, she told me that those medications intensify seisures. Loren started progessing in school and loved his classroom he remained there until the 3rd grade. They wanted him enrolled in summer school so we tried it to have him running out of the classroom crying he has a hard time adjusting to changes with teachers, he couldnt cope. 

Zach at age 17, in his dr apt, an rn hands me this vsi on the meningitis vaccine and hpv i tell her that I saw the package inserts he doesnt need these vaccines, zach came home from outdoor school at age 12 and was admitted to the hospital 3 days later for viral meningitis he had never ever been hospitalized before for anything there was another case of thr viral meningitis that the patient died after zach. We prayed for that family for we were blessed to catch Zach’s in time. She turns to Zach and asks him if he would like the vaccines, he did it to defy my rights to consent for what was right for him he took the vaccines. I showed him the inserts last year he regrets making that decision now!

Loren has had all his vaccinations except the 7th grade tdap, and we opted out of the meningitis/hpv vaccines for high school! He is done im very fortunate that his pediatrician at that time told me the truth about the efficacy of the vaccine and agreed why vaccinate, what is sad is that she left the practice because of the pressure alot of the functional health physicians are gone.

 TO THIS DAY OUR PHYSICIANS are still asking us about vaccines for every dr apt, I tell them no sorry I have encephalmalacia, wild immunity fm the measles and chicken pox when you quote the science and they know its true they are very quite. Im going to tell them next time to make notes of my wild immunity not simply state that I have refused vaccinations. List the reason in there.